Steel City Brewing

Steel City’s latest brew is another tongue-in-cheek political reference, referencing the suggestion the ECB print future Euro banknotes on Greece-Proof Paper. The beer itself is a pale hoppy brew around 4%, with a selection of US hops – varieties not known at time of writing, but expect big tropical and citrus fruit flavours and a bitter finish. Look out for it at the usual suspects. TMB14 Greece-Proof Dry-hopping is soooo 2012, so once again a chilli version has been produced. Fire Galore takes its name from a Deathstars track, and features a handful of Scotch Bonnets in the cask, just enough for the lemony flavour to come through and just a slight kick from the capsaicin (note that ‘slight’ is in the words of Dave, who also reckons his beers are ‘slightly’ bitter!).  

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