Sheffield Brewery Company

Name your own Beer and be the Brewer for a Day Ever wondered how your perfect pint is crafted? Learn how to brew beer with this deal from The Sheffield Brewery Company, and let the experts teach you a few of their tricks of the trade. You can book for one, two, three or up to four people at one time and enjoy a ‘brewer for the day’ experience.
  • Your unique experience includes helping to mash the malts, prepare for the hop mash, and transfer to the fermenter.
  • The experience begins at 8 a.m. and is hands-on right from the start, giving you the perfect opportunity to get stuck into the brewing process.
  • You’ll get the chance to work under the guidance of Dr Tim Stillman, who has almost 10 years’ experience of commercial brewing as well as 40 years of home brewing.
  • Lunch is included, from our favourite local sandwich shop, the Crusty Cob.
  • That’s not all. You’ll also be invited to the next Beer Club event as an honorary member for the night, where you’ll get to enjoy the beer you brewed. We’ll even ask you to name the beer so you can see it on the pump clip at the event and you can show off the beer you brewed to your friends!
So if you’re looking for an ideal gift or fancy it yourself just book by visiting the Living Social website at and search brewery under Sheffield. It’s really simple to do and all the prices and terms are on there. Made near Sheffield brewery owner meets Made In Chelsea star! Sat on the beach in St Ives, Pete’s kids and Mrs said Andy from Made In Chelsea is on the beach selling “tees and sweats”. Being one to support aspiring entrepreneurs, Pete bought a top and persuaded Andy we could perhaps help promote his business if he featured in Sheffield’s Beer Matters. So here it is – can you spot the celeb! made in chelsea

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