Steel City Brewing

Steel City have given the politics a break and gone back to their more usual music references with The Light At The End Of The World (a long-overdue My Dying Bride reference). This is a ‘typical’ Steel City Transatlantic Pale Ale, using Low Colour Maris Otter and a bit of Wheat Malt in the mash, with Columbus for bittering followed by Mosaic and Rakau for flavour and aroma. As is becoming the norm, there will be a chilli version, in this case for Nottingham beer festival and named Death In Fire (from the Amon Amarth song, obviously, sure you’re all familiar with it!). A bottled chilli version is also planned, Her Ghost In The Fog (Cradle of Filth this time), with a Ghost Pepper in every bottle! The next collaboration is ‘away’ at Landlocked in Ripley. Details still to be confirmed, but Dave is rather happy at the prospect of finally getting to brew a sour beer (being a cuckoo brewer, their hosts probably wouldn’t thank them for introducing lactobacillus and brettanomyces to the brewery!). The ‘base’ beer, working title Stone Sour, is a pale greengage sour, then numerous variants are planned with different fruits. At least a couple of variants will be available at the Steel City beer festival in October, and hopefully also at Wakefield beer festival the weekend before.

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