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Our first Catfest down at the Devonshire Cat 1st-4th October is a British hop festival supporting Blind Veterans UK charity. We have selected 24 casks that all feature British hops, so come down and se what our own soils can produce! We will certainly have a strong presence at the Steel City Beer Festival later in the month, you may well have started to spot our promotional beer mats around town. Not 100% sure which beers of our will make the list, but they are sure to be some of the following: los bancos ‘Los Bancos’ – 4.2% – Following the great reaction to our Masquerade, we have another beer in our Lost Treasure series. This beer features two glorious American hops Mosaic and Simcoe, for a wonderful fruity and refreshing bitter pale beer. staypuft ‘Hop Hideout¬†Stout’ – 6.8% – Those of you familiar to the Abbeydale Road area will have certainly stumbled into Hop Hideout over the last year or so, and Jules and Will have been itching to brew a beer with us for ages, and we have eventually managed to find a time that works for us all! In a nod to a certain 80s movie monster, we have a strong robust stout brewed with Hazelnut, coffee and marshmallow flavours. ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ – 7.0% – More strong dark beer for you! When we brewed the ‘Bex’ earlier in the year with a specialist Belgian yeast strain, we were able to crop enough yeast for another brew. So John took it upon himself to brew a 7.0% Belgian style Dubbel back in June. This was then filled into seven of our wooden barriques and left to age in our cold store. However, each of the barriques had some different ingredients added to represent each of the deadly sins. Who will try them all? Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth and Wrath. There will only be about 5 or 6 firkins of each Sin, so keep your eyes peeled! zombie chainsaw ‘Dr Morton’s Zombie Chainsaw’ – 4.1% – In preparation for Hallowe’en, we have a scary offering from the other good Doctor! Expect plenty in the way of fruity hop character, and a resounding bitter finish. Also keep your eyes peeled for another Hallowe’en beer called Cinder-hella which is our first attempt at a Pumpkin Spiced beer, more details in next month’s edition! Until then, mine’s a pint of Moonshine! Robin Baker

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