Drone Valley Community Brewery

The community benefit society Drone Valley Brewery is making good progress, having secured a home to brew in. A unit in Unstone (S18) is now under refurbishment. Fittingly, it sits right by the River Drone. The brewing kit has been delivered and is awaiting installation. Members of the society and any other interested folk are invited to help prepare the unit. Looking further ahead, members are welcome to help with the brewing itself too. To join as a member, head to our website or email us: letsgetdronfieldbrewing@gmail.com. Membership has grown to over 100 people, all of them keen to see the brewery’s profits going into local causes. The investor prospectus has been launched and collection of investment is underway. The prospectus can be downloaded at dronevalleybrewery.com, where you can also find the latest news, an online shop, and upcoming events.

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