Drone Valley Brewery

Drone Valley Brewery continue to await it’s (second) visit from HMRC to obtain a beer producer’s licence. Fortunately this time we are better informed as to what they require under their revised procedures. 20160202_114133 In the meantime the brewery has gone from basic to remarkable thanks to our many volunteer members and supportive contractors. One observer commented that our fermentation room is as hygienic as a surgery. All the kit is fully installed (except the cask washer) and the buttons ready to press on the custom built control panel. We have our brew plan in place, hops, yeast and materials all bought. The first 6 brews will include those that have proved so popular before plus 3 new ones, all named by our Members who own the brewery. There is always more to do and we are still welcoming new Members and investors. www.dronevalleybrewery.com Jez Horton

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