Having been welcomed into the brewing community here in Sheffield, we’ve already received plenty of advice; most of which has gone something like this: “It’s not for the faint hearted”, “I’d stick to home-brewing” or “What’s your backup plan?”. Starting a new business is hard work and all consuming. Starting a brewery is brutal. Yet, for all the hard work, long hours, getting wet, late night thinking about yeast, and labelling hundreds of bottles by hand, there is nothing more satisfying than being told that your beer was the fastest selling brand in a local bottle shop in the whole of 2015, selling out of Christmas stock in less than 24 hours, or seeing somebody crack open one of your beers all the way over in Germany! In little over a year, since receiving a producer’s license from Her Maj the Queen, we’ve relocated from the cellar of our tiny house in Walkley to The Sheffield Brewery Company, using their mini kit; and, we’re about to release our first beers of 2016, including our first ever cask conditioned ale. Emmanuales 1 Ryejoice, a pale rye made using Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops (both of which, it would appear, are a bit like unicorn poo – very hard to get hold of) will be available in the Harlequin throughout Sheffield Beer Week, 14-20 March. Additionally, we’ll be releasing a limited run of Ryejoice in bottles, along with old favourites O Hoppy Day and As The Deer Pants For Porter, available in bottle shops in and around Sheffield. We’re hoping to produce more beer this year, including cask versions of our regular brews, and launch an imperial range – ALMIGHTY – starting with a Russian Imperial Stout, Ex Nihilo. For all the latest Faith, Hops and Love, visit our website www.emmanuales.co.uk Nick Law

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