Pub of the Month April 2016

The Beer House is Sheffield’s first full time micro pub and is situated at 623 Ecclesall Road, just before Hunter’s Bar. The pub opened in December 2014 by John Harrison, following conversion from a shop unit. The bar counter, tables and chairs came from the closed Bridge pub in Dronfield, the bar having been reconstructed to fit in the small front room. The six handpumps dispense an ever changing range of beers, sourced from microbreweries around the country, some obscure, and sometimes a beer can sell out in a matter of hours. The two rooms can quickly get full in the evenings and at weekends, and although there are also two tables for outdoors drinking, drinks are not allowed outside after 9pm. The pub is open daily from noon to 11pm and there is a regular quiz Wednesday evening. In addition to the cask beers the local Stancill Pilsner is the lager offering and there is an interesting range of gins. So congratulations then to John and his team led by manager Lucy on winning the Pub of the Month Award for April. The presentation will be on Tuesday 12 April from 8pm. Buses 81, 82, 83 and 88 all stop at Hunter’s Bar. Derek Longford

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