Blue Bee

The first of our new beers available in March saw us adding over 100 mangoes to a beer at various stages. We hope Mango Number Five 5.0% will have plenty of mango fruit flavours as we spent a lot of time chopping and blending them. To back up the fresh mangos we also added bags of fruity, American Citra hops to this IPA which should enhance the tropical mango flavours. Secondly we have Golden Equinox 3.9%, Equinox is a relatively new American hop that we were really excited to get our hands on. The malt used in the session pale ale is designed to take a back seat and let the hop showcase their lemon, lime and papaya characteristics. On top of this we hope to be experiment with other new American hop varieties including Azacca and ADHA 484 so watch this space.

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