Steel City Brewing

TMB17 Bokaro [673244] Steel City finally got back in the brewhouse after a somewhat prolonged hiatus. India Pale Ales named after places in India seem to do well round these parts, so where could be more apt than Bokaro Steel City? Perhaps slightly more industrial than Jaipur, the brew itself is anything but industrial. As you might expect from Steel City, ‘BKSC’ features a very pale mash and three-figure IBU, flavour and aroma coming primarily from Galaxy and Kazbek hops. Finally, on a sadder note, the craft-as-heck* blue swingtop bottles are no more. Supplies have been exhausted, some ‘normal’ 330ml bottles will be acquired soon but in the short term the only bottles available are standard 500ml. How old fashioned, must remember not to brew brown twiggy beer to go in them… Dave Szwejkowski * OK, heck may not be exactly what Dave said.

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