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I hope you are all planning on coming down to support the Sheffield Brewers Co-operative festival on May bank holiday weekend. Come down and say hello to us all! Onto our beery news. Firstly a few adjustments to make from last months submission.  Our yeast was a bit hungry, so our very special Double Brimstone is now at 8.1%, not at 7.8% as previously stated, and the Festival of Debate beer, Why Not Give A Toss? came out as 4.4% rather than 4.0%.  The Double Brimstone should be all in the trade by now, and if you were one of the lucky 150 people to get your hands on a bottle then brilliant! We are incredibly pleased with how it has turned out and a fitting tribute to Brimstone. Abbeydale Empress Another beer that should be hitting the bars by now, but didn’t make it into last months issue is Empress. A refreshing golden ale infused with whole lychees, a perfect summer tipple. This tropical fruit surprise is balanced with hints of lime and coconut, and finished with a cascade dry hop. New beers to shout about this month are the next in our Signature series, with our office manager, Laura’s recipe Lady Ra Ra a 4.5% vanilla and raspberry muffin beer. This is going to be both naughty and nice, with sumptuous fruity flavours with a smooth creamy finish. After all it is muffin season all year round! Abbeydale Alchemy We have the return of Alchemy, a well loved classic from the back catalogue. A full-flavoured pale and hoppy beer. Lots of fruit, especially citrus and some spiciness from the Amarillo hops. A refreshing bitter finish for ideal early summer drinking. Abbeydale Last Rites Those with good memories will remember reading a eulogy regarding Last Rites when production ceased in late 2010.  As part of the birthday series we have resurrected it and it is in fermenter as I write. The very sessionable 11% ale is tasting amazing already. This will be very scarce and in high demand I’m sure!

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