Sentinel Brewhouse up and running

The Spring bank holiday weekend saw the launch of Sentinel Brewery and the attached bar with the first beer brewed on site available to try as well as the menu of meals and bar snacks. Some of Sheffield CAMRA’s committee were invited to come along to the launch and try the first beers with the wider membership invited to a brewery tour a few weeks later when they hosted our June branch meeting. Sentinel Brewing Co launch A premium experience is offered with what is basically an industrial unit made quite funky, both the beers and the food are quality and the way the beer is served sees a lot of attention to detail with the customer offered a choice of four measures and a choice of glass style to ensure that the flavour and aroma of beer can be enjoyed to the maximum regardless of beer style. If you want to get even more serious about tasting your beer, professional ‘Beer Academy’ tasting training courses are hosted there every few weeks. Sentinel beers are available on both cask and keg plus there will be some beers on tap that are piped directly from the conditioning tanks. The bar is open every day except Monday, from 11am until 11pm (midnight Friday and Saturday) and is located on Shoreham Street, between BBC Radio Sheffield and the inner ring road,  a short walk from the Rutland Arms, Royal Standard or railway station. See for more details.

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