As the UK looks forward to a packed summer sporting calendar, Stancill Brewery has given a nod to the city’s armchair athletes with two new limited edition summer specials. Which promise plenty of surprises with a slight hint of bitterness thrown in for good measure! Three Lions [5688818] Stancill Zidane Zidane To celebrate Euro 2016, head brewer Dean Pleasant has created a true taste of the continent, paying tribute to the host nation and one of football’s greatest players with its 4.0% Zidane Zidane. Brewed using varieties of French hops; the result is a pale ale with plenty of character. The easy-drinking session beer gives way to slightly spicy aftertaste: strong head optional! Stancill Brewery’s second offering is it’s patriotically named Three Lions. As it’s name suggests, Three Lions is an all English affair which is made using English hops – Fuggles and and some home grown First Gold – to create a refreshing summer drink and, a little like the national team, goes down quickly to leave a slightly bitter finish! Behind the scenes, Stancill Brewery is also working on a second craft lager to complement its popular Sheffield Pilsner: More news on this soon! Thomas Gill, Managing Director, Stancill Brewery said: “This summer is one of the busiest sporting calendars for a few years with England’s athletes, footballers and cricketers all set to take centre stage. We wanted to create a beer which could be enjoyed at any time, whether calling into your local after a kick around in the park, or cheering on the national team. We know England doesn’t have a get track record in the Euro’s, so we thought it was fitting to leave a slightly bitter finish in the beer! “The French hops used in Zidane Zidane aren’t commonly used on their own, but the result is a refreshingly moreish beer, which I think will prove to be a popular choice during the Euro’s”
Following the story about Stancill taking on an apprentice which included  a little bit of brewery history, supplied by the brewery, I have been asked a question by a few about the ‘missing link’ not mentioned in the article – why is the brewery called Stancill? Well the simple answer is Stancill Brewery was set up when Oakwell brewery closed and the head brewer from Oakwell, Jonny Stancill, brought the kit from Oakwell to the new brewery and was the original head brewer.
Stancill Brewery will soon be opening their first pub, this is due to be announced in July.

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