Before starting Emmanuales in 2014, I spent the best part of ten years trying to make it as a professional musician within the Christian music industry.  For some unknown reason, no matter how hard I tried to kick down Cliff Richard’s door to hand him my demo tape, I had little success in getting my songs ‘out there’. Emmanuale Jonah And so, I decided to call it a day and pursue my other passion – making beer – which I felt, unlike music, was more likely earn me more of a crust than the pittance of royalties from music streaming service such as Spotify and Apple Music. You’ll probably appreciate the irony then, that over the last ten years I’ve had little exposure to my music over the airwaves, and yet, seemingly within ten minutes of word getting out about Emmanuales, a researcher from Songs of Praise phones me to discuss putting ‘the Christian brewer with the Jesus beer’ on BBC One. Emmanuales, which is now brewed at and as part of The Sheffield Brewery Company, will feature on BBC’s Songs of Praise program in August (transmission date TBC). In other, less glamorous news, we have new beer hitting the shops. A revised Jonah and the Pale makes its return this month, now brewed with more hops, yet still as smooth.  In addition, we’re releasing a Rhubarb Saison (4.2%) – yet to be named, at the time of writing – to quench that thirst on a hot summer’s day, and our biggest beer yet.  Four Horsemen of the Hopocalypse is a 10% Quadruple hopped with Chinook, Saaz, and Ahtanhum. Keep a look out in August for more Oh Hoppy Day, Nothing But The Blood – a Blood Orange IPA (see what we did there!), and our Black IPA, Midnight Mass, making its first 2016 return. For more details visit www.emmanuales.co.uk Nick Law

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