Steel City Brewing

Steel City’s brew for September is a home collaboration, and as Dave owed collabs to both Mike at Landlocked and Jimmy at Lost Industry, and has an eye for a BOGOF bargain, it’s a three way collaboration. AFA (which stands for Absolutely something something…) is a pale hoppy number, 111ibu and featuring Chinook, Kazbek and a mystery hop we think is Galaxy! Dry hops are Mount Hood and Mosaic. Mike will also be experimenting with a couple of casks of AFA, fruit and brettanomyces have been mentioned… TMB19A Life [1679369] TMB19 AFA [1679368] Two special variants will be appearing at the 42nd Steel City Beer Festival, Life the Universe and Everything being extra dry-hopped, and Grim Reaper being subtly* dosed with Carolina Reaper chillies *Dave’s idea of subtlety may not match that in most dictionaries! Dave Szwejkowski

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