Stancill Brewery

This month Stancill Brewery has embarked on a journey to the other side of the wide in its quest to give drinkers in Sheffield a taste of the antipodean. The result is Pacific Gem, a brand new easy-drinking session beer. Developed by apprentice brewer Jonathan, Pacific Gem is the eagerly anticipated follow up beer to his first offering, Jaxon and features New Zealand hops. This refreshing drink features a subtle berry taste and designed to be enjoyed whilst lapping up the last of the summer sun or settling in front of a roaring as the temperatures start to plummet as the nights start to draw in. American Beauty[820434] In stark contrast, Stancill Brewery has also produced its hoppiest beer to date –  that is, according to head brewer Dean! The 4.8% pale ale is an all-American hop affair designed to tempt beer connoisseurs with a citrus aroma, delicate floral notes and a spicy aftertaste. The powerful cascade and chinook hops help ensure this pint packs a punch.  If you’re a bit of hop monster, then American Beauty might be for you!

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