Stancill Brewery

Heroic beer, with German origins!  Oktoberfest may have been and gone in its hometown of Munich, but for beer lovers across the Atlantic and here in Sheffield, it has only just begun! This October, Stancill Brewery is celebrating all things German with the launch of its heroic monthly special, Hercules. The easy-drinking pale ale features Herkules hops, a new variety which was created through crossbreeding German Hallertau Taurus and Hull Male hops, resulting in a bitter peppery taste with a spicy aroma. Bred at the Hop Research centre in Hull, Germany, Herkules hops are relatively new to the beer industry and are native to the Elbe-Saale region of South East Germany; an area hugely populated with hop farms as during World War Two the communist regime cultivated hop growing, resulting in mass hop farms. Hercules is the first beer produced by Stancill using the new hop variety, resulting in a 4.0% beer which has all the character you might expect from a German beer variety: clean tasting, refreshing with a bitter aftertaste. Prost!

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