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steelcitybottlesSteel City attended the European Parliament All Party Beer Group’s pre-xmas bash with their AFA pale and Mayhem stout. The beers went down well, and the latter raised both eyebrows and chuckles depending on political allegiance! A particularly interesting reaction was observed from a Tory MEP… Both beers are available (at time of writing!) from Hop Hideout and Beer Central.

Due to forthcoming changes at host brewery Toolmakers, Steel City’s tenure there is ending. The swansong brew was a home collaboration with Lost Industry, in for a penny in for a pound, those mad bastards Jimmy and Nathan convinced Dave to go big or go home, so Steel City wil be signing off with an Imperial Pale Stout.

steelcityglass2Master of Puppets will hopefully approach or hit double figure ABV, with all the mouthfeel and roasty flavour of an imperial stout, but pale.

The brew involves grains selected to provide stout flavours without colour (so the opposite of Black IPA!), supplemented by coffee, cacao nibs and vanilla, along with Bramling Cross and Sorachi hops. It will be available in cask at the Shakespeare, and keg at Sentinel during Sheffield Beer Week.

The Shakespeare will also have a special version Pastor of Muppets, with some sort of adjunct (possibly including wafers, red wine and the tears of choristers).

The mini kit was also pressed into use – normally the mini kit uses first runnings to make a stronger beer, but this time once the main brew was in the copper the runnings were still at 1050… So it seemed a waste to not use them! For the simple reason that it seemed a good idea at the time, the brew is a stollen pale stout, Drink It Like It’s Stollen, yes made with real stollen.

Also available during the Beer Week will be the return collab, no details as yet but expect sour…

Negotiations are ongoing regarding a new home, in the meantime there should be plenty of ‘away’ collabs in the UK and abroad!



About Andy Cullen

Andy has been actively involved in CAMRA since the early 2000s after being recruited to sit on a National Younger Members Task Group. Since then he has held roles on the branch committee including Secretary, Membership Secretary, Magazine Editor, Chair and now Social Secretary. Andy has also been involved with the Steel City Beer & Cider Festival almost every year since becoming active in the branch.

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