Steel City Brewing

TMB21A Pastor of Muppets V2Steel City are already halfway to matching 2016’s brewing total, with one brew on the big kit and one on the minikit, plus away collabs at Lost Industry and Neepsend. The imperial pale stout, Master of Puppets came out at a whopping 11.5%, and tastes mainly of chocolate! Meanwhile, Dave couldn’t find any communion wine for the Pastor of Muppets so the next best thing was Chateauneuf du Pape, along with the communion wafers. Look out for both versions during Sheffield Beer Week Away from home, the first collab of the year was a double brew at Lost Industry, using the same sour mash to create a Melba Sour for Sheffield Beer Week, while that was ‘Trumped’ by the marmalade sour ‘Golden Sour In A Moscow City Hotel Room’. The next collab was at Neepsend, a Passionfruit Pale Ale entitled The Passion(fruit) of St Tibulus. Careful now! The next collabs are scheduled to be the return of the Raw Steel series (Dave and David both realised that despite a dozen or so collabs, it’s been 4 years since they brewed the big hoppy pale style both are renowned for!), followed by the long-awaited trip to Edinburgh to brew at Black Metal, which looks like being an Imperial Black Kvass!

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