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If you are reading this before May 6th, don’t forget to buy your tickets for our ‘P*ss up In The Brewery’ (assuming there are tickets left!) for a unique experience to drink our beer just yards away from where it was brewed! If you are reading this after May 6th, then we hope you enjoyed yourself! Right then! Onto beer news! Our mega collaboration with Magic Rock, Northern Monk and Siren was a monumental success, with all cask and kegs being sold before the release date, and the cans selling out (from the brewery) fairly soon after! You should still be able to grab a one from your local reputable bottle shop. Abbeydale LarcenyAbbeydale RevelationWe’ve got some new specials and some old favourites returning, some with a facelift! Both Larceny (4.2%) and Revelation (4.1%) have had facelifts and a tweaking of the recipe, and we are delighted to be bringing them back to your local.  Fabulous new designs from Luke Bailey and Ross Evans, and you’re sure to see more of their distinctive work on our pump clips coming up. Last year, Pat and Sue took a trip to Barcelona, and on their travels happened upon a brewpub called Abirraderro who brew beers under the name Istituto de la Cerveza Artesana. They brew a beer to a Neolithic recipe that was unearthed at a nearby archeological dig. This was an unhopped ‘Gruit’ beer (meaning herb), very popular in medieval times prior to the Reinheitsgebot purity law in 1516. Pat and Sue were so impressed with this beer, they invited Daniel and Iñigo over to brew with us and we have done a slightly modified version! Instead of hops, we have used mugwort, yarrow, juniper berries and heather flowers, alongside some lightly smoked malt to emulate flavours garnered from more ancient malt drying techniques.  It’s ABV will be quite high at 7.4%, and has been fermented with both our own house yeast strain and a Belgian Abbaye strain. We are splitting the brew half into some oak barrels to be mixed with wild yeasts and bacteria to age for nearly a year, while the other half is has had copious amounts of fresh raspberries and Brett Lambicus. This will be our ‘Encantada’ and should be available from the start of the month.

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