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Spring specials from Stancill Brewery Stancill Brewery have been exploring the ebony and ivory of the beer world and have spent time developing a new, not-to-be-missed chocolate porter as well as experimenting with a new hop variety to create what promises to be one of their hoppiest beers to date. Jarrylo is a new pale 4.8% brew and takes its name from the US hop variety featured in the new beer. It is the first time Stancill has brewed with the Jarrylo hop variety and the result is a fruity, slightly spiced beer which is as refreshing as it is unusual. The hops are named after Jarilo, the Slavic God of springtime and in folklore the God is celebrated with spring festivals held in his honour. Unlike many US hop varieties which can often be intense and overpowering, the Jarrylo hops add plenty of subtle flavours, resulting in a dry aftertaste. Dean Pleasant, Head Brewer at Stancill Brewery said:  “Jarrylo is a relatively new variety of hop which provides a hint of banana and pear which also adds a little spiciness. It’s commonly used in saison and Belgian-style beers. The result of our latest brew is a very pale beer which is packed with flavour. Since unveiling the brew it’s created a lot of interest and I can’t see it hanging around for long” Coco no backgroundThe delicate flavours found in Jarrlyo are a stark contrast to Stancill Brewery’s other new spring special, which has been developed with chocoholics in mind! Coco is a new 5.0% chocolate porter, which brings together everything you should expect in a typical porter with an intense chocolate finish. Brewed using a selection of dark chocolate and cocoa nibs to intensify the flavours of the chocolate malts featured in the beer, the result is a well flavoured brew. The coffee flavours of the brew give way to a powerful chocolate finish, resulting in a well flavoured beer which is already shaping up to be something very special. Jarrylo and Coco are both available at Stancill’s brewery taps: The Norfolk Arms in Grenoside and The Horse and Jockey in Wadsley, as well as at selected pubs throughout Sheffield. CAMRA members can benefit from a 20% discount on Stancill ales in both pubs, which makes a pint just £2

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