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Stancill Brewery to commemorate Armed Forces Day with new special

Veterans from HMS Sheffield are set to benefit from Stancill Brewery’s latest summer special, which has been brewed to mark the 35th Anniversary of the sinking of HMS Sheffield.

Crew members of the destroyer gathered at the brewery in May as part of weekend dedicated to remembering the sinking of the ship which saw 20 people lose their lives, when the ship was hit by an Argentinian air strike on 4th May 1982.

Servicemen returned to Sheffield to take part in a special memorial service held at Sheffield Cathedral and to unveil the new beer produced by Stancill at part of this year’s Penistone Armed Forces day.

Named “Shiny Sheff” in honour of the nickname given the battleship, the 4.0% golden ale is an easy drinking golden ale which feature fresh citrus and floral notes, resulting in a refreshing, easy drinking session beer.

There have been three battleships bearing the name HMS Sheffield. The first was built in 1936 and used during the Second World War. Unusually the ship featured stainless steel fittings built in Sheffield, rather than the standard brass ones used at the time in an attempt to reduce cleaning duties. All ships bearing the name HMS Sheffield include fixtures and fittings produced in the steel city, leading to the nickname Shiny Sheff.

Thomas Gill, Managing Director, Stancill Brewery said: “We were approached by organisers of Penistone Armed Forces day to run a bar at the event, who wanted to do something special to remember those who lost their lives on HMS Sheffield in 1982. As well as supporting the event on the day, we wanted to go one stage further and proceeds from every cask of Shiny Sheff sold will also be used to support the event.

“It was truly humbling to meet some of the crew who survived the attack on HMS Sheffield, and based on the positive feedback we received from the crew members I can’t see the beer being around for long!”

Stancill turns to the Dark side

As regular readers of beer matters will know, Stancill Brewery has recently given a rare opportunity for one home brewer to live out their dreams and work with head brewer Dean Pleasant to see their beer on the pumps in pubs in Sheffield.

Demand for the competition proved to be high, and after drawing up a shortlist featuring twenty of the city’s finest home brewers, ten were invited to submit beer to the final judging panel which took place at the Horse & Jockey, Wadsley. Each beer was judged based on originality, flavour, suitability for production and innovation, with the top prize being scooped by John Kendall, who works as a team manager at Northern Rail.

John began brewing just two and half years ago when his brother-in-law gifted him a brew kit. The kit helped to fire John’s imagination and he quickly progressed to whole grain brewing. His winning beer, “The Dark One” is a black IPA was one of the first recipes he produced and combines hints of dark chocolate and liquorice with tangy grapefruit and lychee aftertaste.

After proving that he was top of the hops, and impressing a tasting panel comprising of industry experts and representatives from Stancill Brewery, John will work with Stancill Brewery, brewing the beer inside the brewery. Brewing is expected to take place soon and the beer available later in the summer.

0517 Brew Off Winner

Stancill Brewery has acquired its first pub in Sheffield’s city-centre. It is expected to open its doors in June. More details to follow.

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