Steel City Brewing

Hot on the heels of all the collabs last month came a double brew weekend featuring guest brewer Jamie. Saturday was an Iron Brew (lawyers to note spelling!) sour at Lost Industry with Beer Ink, named Do You Even Iron, Bro?. Then on Sunday a Chocolate Raspberry & Coconut Stout at Imperial entitled Bunch of Cnuts, with an imperial version Abbott Does Cnutdown on the minikit at 7.0% with added dealcoholised rum.

Those of a craft beer persuasion may have noticed a recent trend for ‘murky’ IPAs… so while brewing at Lost Industry Dave and Jimmy decided to take things to their logical conclusion and created IPA Jelly! They haven’t figured out how to make it available on draught yet…

In other news, there are some things that one may only see once in a lifetime. Halley’s Comet. A total solar eclipse. Dave Unpronounceable smiling. Now, we can add Steel City repeating a brew. Yet another collab, Dave is resurrecting 2011 brew DILLIGAF at Imperial.

Dave Szwejkowski

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