Steel City Brewing

Steel City are still awaiting the go-ahead at their potential new home, but the away collaborations are still flowing. Bunch of Cnuts, brewed at Imperial, is doing the rounds at present, and is like a liquid Tunnocks Teacake, big chocolate and raspberry jam flavours backed up with slightly more subtle coconut. Meanwhile, the Black Metal collab Kvassphemy has finally turned up in Sheffield and has started appearing on bars. Black as Satan’s heart and sour as a lost soul, with bready notes from the rye and a slight cherry fruitiness. The next collab at Imperial was a double brew, the main brew being a 6.3% IPA named Strong & Stable and a smaller batch being liquored back to 4.5% and blackened, and named Coalition of Chaos (a pretty good way to sum up Imperial v Steel City collabs!).

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