Fuggle Bunny Brew House

The award-winning Fuggle Bunny Brew House is hopping over to Worksop to open the first of many little fuggles!

After a successful launch in 2014, Fuggle Bunny has gone from strength to strength, growing ever more popular.  Not just because this cheeky little character’s adventures are full of fun, but for bringing an age-old tradition bang up to date with its unique story telling, fun and contemporary edge and for creating amazing quality craft ales which are now being sold nationally.  Therefore we thought it was time to spread a little bit of “fuggleness” elsewhere by bringing a bit of fun to a little corner of Worksop, together with some cracking award-winning ales, specialised spirits, wine, prosecco and champagne to our little ale house called Fuggle’s Chapter One, which we are looking to open in the summer of 2017.

Initially we will be concentrating on the drinks side and a few bar snacks, but later on we will be serving sharing boards and platters together with our award winning Steak and Ale Fuggle pie, but let’s walk before we can run!  Keep an eye out for the actual opening day which will not be too far away… Fuggle looks forward to meeting you all soon.

Wendy Steeple


  1. Hi,
    Heard the bar in Worksop is now open.
    Have you any information on opening times etc?

  2. A gorgeous pub – felt like I was on holiday, not at home in Worksop! Good beer and love the decor x

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