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We’ve recently gone into our back catalogue for fresh batches of a couple of beers we’ve brewed previously. Annona is a 4.2% Oatmeal Pale showcasing one of our very favourite hop varieties, Mosaic, to give bags of tropical fruit and blueberry flavours complemented by the smoothness and body the addition of oats provides. This one is a thirst-quenching, seriously drinkable summer pale. Sharpshooter is another old favourite we last brewed around a year ago that utilises another personal favourite hop, Nelson Sauvin, which imparts grapefruit, gooseberry and big fruity white wine notes. Because of the high demand on this particular New Zealand variety we haven’t had any to play with for some time but have managed to bag enough at least to resurrect our 4.7% NZ Pale briefly for this summer.  Bittered with Pacific Jade and then liberally dosed with Nelson for aroma and dry hopping, the result is a punchy, dry, fruity pale. We also, of course, have kept the new beers coming. Recently they have included Litchi, a 4.7% Lychee Oat Pale, Hansl, a 6.0% Vienna IPA hopped with five of juiciest US hops around, Tessera, a 3.9% summer pale and Assane, a 4.4% pale ale hopped with Comet and Cascade that flew out of the brewery in record time. The latest single-hopped IPA, Waimea IPA, is our first time brewing with the New Zealand hop variety of the same name. Apex is a 4.2% American Red brewed with Red X malt for a fantastic ruby hue and not lacking in hop character through large doses of Comet and Summit. Cherry Stout is…well, a cherry stout! 5% with a robust dark malt base and the addition of morello cherries for a subtle fruity finish. That’s all on top of our one permanent beer, Blonde, which we’ve been struggling to keep up with demand for and brewing twice a week when we can find room in the brew schedule. So all in all it’s been a nice and busy (if sweaty) summer at the brewery! Gavin Martin

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