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Stancill Brewery completes expansion After enjoying a record-breaking start to 2017, Stancill Brewery has been operating close to capacity in recent months and in order to meet rising demands for its award-winning ales, the brewery has invested in a new universal tank. The new 30bbl tank will enable the brewery to increase the number of weekly brews it produces and capable of producing both ale and lager. Strong and powerfully hopped: Introducing Stancill’s new IPA. One of the first beers to be earmarked for Stancill’s planned line of canned beers is a brand new, as of yet unnamed IPA. At 6.2% it is the strongest beer produced to date by Stancill Brewery and will use more than three times the typical amount of hops used within a regular brew! It’s not just the quantity of hops which have been added to beer which makes Stancill’s new IPA one to look out for, but the brewing process used. Featuring four different hop varieties, the beer has been brewed using the aromatic Simcoe, Mosaic and Eldorado hops which are complemented with Amarillo hop flavours added during the dry hop process. The new beer is set to be launched in early August. Jaxon: The sequel One of Stancill’s most popular specials of 2016 was developed by apprentice brewer Jonathan Brown after rising to a challenge to create a beer based around his own tastes. The resulting beer was Jaxon, a well hopped brew which featured delicate spicy notes. Named in honour of his first son, Jaxon, the beer proved to be an instant hit but as many readers will know, brewers all strive for perfection!  And with twelve more months’ brewing knowhow under his belt, Jonathan decided to revisit his original recipe, applying some of his newly acquired skills to the original recipe. The result is a new incarnation of Jaxon: the original hop combination has been developed to feature a triple hop combination of Cascade, Styrian Goldings and Mittelfrüh varieties, adding greater depth to the aroma and tastes of the beer, resulting in an aromatic, well-flavoured beer. One of the first to inspect the new beer was Jaxon who was given the VIP treatment during his special visit to the brewery to see his dad hard at work perfecting Stancill’s latest summer special. Jaxon (the beer!) and the new IPA will be available at Stancill’s pubs throughout Sheffield during August. CAMRA members can benefit from a 20% discount on production of their CAMRA card at all Stancill Brewery pubs: The Horse and Jockey, Wadsley, The Norfolk Arms, Grenoside, and the newly opened Albion on London Road.

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