Two years ago, I dreamed of a time when Emmanuales would be considered a ‘microbrewery’.  I have to remind myself these days when I’m ‘only making 6BBL’ (that is 6 brewers’ barrels, or 981L) of Oh Hoppy Day that in 2015 I was lucky to come away with 25L of the stuff, and now I’m handling more Citra (a most desirable hop) than most home brewers have ever seen in their life. It’s easy to look at how far there still is to go. It’s better to look at how far you’ve come. As the Apostle Paul writes, ‘Let us only live up to what we have already attained’. In that spirit, here’s what we’re living up to right now… Core Range Let’s face it, however wide the variety of craft beers on the market, everybody without fail goes back to their old favourites. Whether it’s a pint of London Fuller’s Pride or a Brewdog Punk IPA, the largest brewers are all famous for one or two core brands. We are continually developing our core range of beers.  Jonah and the Pale (Transatlantic Pale Ale 5.0%), Ryejoice (Red Rye 5.4%), As The Deer Pants For Porter (5.0% Smoked Porter) and Oh Hoppy Day (6.1% 60-Minute India Pale Ale), and now Beer Thou My Vision (3.8% Pale Ale), our desire is to have a small range of beers as the cornerstone of our business that will bring joy time and time again. We decided to add our latest addition, Beer Thou My Vision, on account of landlords wanting Emmanuales cask beer that wasn’t ‘outrageously strong’.  We’ve been sitting on the name for some time, and decided it was prudent to offer something that wasn’t going to knock your socks off if you had a few.  Hopped with Columbus, Liberty, Azacca and Oliciana, Beer Thou My Vision is crisp and full of peachy flavours.  Available now in 330ml bottles. American IPAs are pretty dominant on the shelves at the moment.  It’s easy to throw every hop in the cold store at an IPA and hope that it makes the drinker’s eyes water.  But a truly epic IPA will have the right balance of malt sweetness, dryness, and hop aroma leaving you wanting more.  Oh Hoppy Day is our attempt at creating such a beer.  Hopped with Centennial, Chinook, Cascade and Citra every five minutes throughout the boil, and dry hopped with Azacca, Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin, we’re confident that Oh Hoppy Day is our best batch yet.  Available now in 330ml bottles and in cask. A Fortunate Fall of Citra and Nelson Sauvin At the heart of Emmanuales is a desire to be creative. Some of the best works of art throughout history have been painted in the name of Christ on church and chapel walls across the earth. Somehow, despite these rich creative roots, the Christian art and music of today has become tame and mediocre at best. Therefore, we’re always striving to create beers of biblical proportions; interesting, creative beers made with imagination and originality. Our latest offering is this fruity little number… Felix Culpa (8.7% Wheat DIPA) is our first Double IPA.  Fermented using a Bavarian Wheat Yeast and dry hopped with biblical amounts of T90 pellets, Felix Culpa is a fortunate fall of Citra and Nelson Sauvin; fruity like the Garden of Eden… in a good way!  Available in limited numbers in 330ml bottles. Other News We recently featured on the Hopinions (Beer O’Clock Show) podcast, a great podcast all about – you guessed it – beer.  Steve and Martin crack open The Gospale According To… series and share their thoughts.  You can listen back to their opinions by visiting iTunes to download the episode. Finally, we want to give a huge shout out to Adam and Dan from Heist Craft for putting on a selection of Emmanuales keg beer on their bar over the last weekend, including our 10% passion fruit DIPA collab, The Passion of the Heist, and Almighty Stout, Ex Nihilo.  In true English fashion, people queued at the bar all night long to sample our beers of biblical proportions. Nick Law

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