Steel City Brewing

Steel City are still bereft of a home, but Dave has been busy with away collaborations! After a trial launch at the Rutland in May, the Black Metal collaboration Kvassphemy (6.0%) is now on general release. Possibly the world’s first imperial black kvass! A bretted version will be available later in the year.

The latest collab at Imperial is Who Ate All The Pies? (4.5%), a banoffee stout. Chocolate malt was supplemented with cacao nibs, caramel and banana pulp, and as the cacao nibs came with a free bag of white chocolate buttons they went in as well (OK, most of them did, Dave and Dale may have eaten a few. OK, a lot). The banana flavour was further enhanced by use of a Bavarian weissbier yeast.

Another Imperial collab should be available by the time you read this, and before long Dave will be off to Scarborough to brew another collab at North Riding.

Dave Unpronouncable

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