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Head brewer Steve Bunting recently visited Stocks Farm in Worcestershire to take part in one of their annual hop walks. Steve brought back with him sacks full of the precious fresh hop cargo and the following morning the Acorn team were busy using the First Gold variety for the latest brew of Pretty Green (3.5%). This will be a vibrant, fresh, straw-coloured pale with wonderful citrus, sweet orange-like aroma and slender spicy notes.

acorn hops

The brewery’s single hopped IPA range continues unabated. We’re now pushing towards the 130 mark with the introduction of the English hop variety Ernest. The 5% golden ale will deliver apricot, citrus and spice characteristics in a wonderfully rich and complex beer.

Dave And Christy

Finally Acorn Brewery is delighted to announce that two directors of the brewery recently tied the knot.  Founder and Managing Director Dave Hughes and Business Development Director Christy Winfield, were married at Rogerthorpe Manor near Badsworth. Of course the health and happiness of the bride and groom was toasted with a pint of Barnsley Bitter – what else!  Dave and Christy then went on to honeymoon in the Maldives – you find any Barnsley Bitter there Dave?!

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