Steel City Brewing

The big news from Steel City is they have a new host, so after a 9-month hiatus can finally brew under their own license again. The first brew will be Demons Are Back (named after a Mortiis song, but you all knew that), and will be a Transatlantic Pale Ale featuring Rakau and Hallertau Blanc hops (so maybe this one is Transpacific…). Two special versions will be created, the first will be for Steel City Beer Festival and will be named Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn, featuring chillies, as has become Steel City tradition for the festival. The second will be aged in a white wine barrel with grapes and dry hops, and will be available later in the year. Also available later in the year will be Scraping the Barrel, a rum-barrel aged version of Mayhem stout, and an as-yet-unnamed red wine barrel aged version.

Also currently available is the latest Imperial collaboration Get In The C, pale and bitter (160+ IBU!) with plenty of Chinook, Cascade, Citra and Calypso. A special version for the Shakespeare was also produced and is named ‘Scarface’. A slightly stronger version was made on the minikit, and with reference to the MPs who showed more concern for the temporary silencing of Big Ben than the tragedy at Grenfell Tower is named The Bell End Gathering, with all proceeds to charity.

Also available in October is the Weird Beard collaboration, an as yet unnamed chocolate & coconut white stout. A cask of this will be at Steel City Beer Festival.

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