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After a relatively quiet 2017, lots of action at Steel City in recent weeks! The rum barrel that was filled with Mayhem stout back in April was broached last month, and six months have certainly had an effect on the beer. Big rum aroma, then roasty and chocolatey flavour with a big rum aftertaste. 200 litres went into the barrel, only 190 litres came out… in whisky they call the 10 litres the ‘angel’s share’, perhaps in Steel City’s case ‘the demon’s share’ would be more appropriate. Four firkins of Scraping the Barrel went to Sheffield Beer Festival, the Rutland, the Shakespeare and Notyorkshire, while 72 bottles went to the usual outlets (Dave resisted the temptation to wax seal them to make them cost more look pretty). Another batch of Mayhem is currently maturing in a Bordeaux red wine barrel with roses and will surface in the winter as The Blood, The Wine, The Roses.

Meanwhile in collaboration land at Imperial there has been Get In The C (Transatlantic Pale Ale with C-Hops), Drop The C Bomb (as above, with added dry-hops) and International Man of Misery (Dunkelhopfenweissbier featuring a traditional weissbier malt grist and yeast, with untraditional citrus hops), while at the North Riding ‘factory’ near Scarborough there is Raspberry Citra (we’ll give you one guess…). More collaborative fun with barrels at Lost Industry, with the creation of an Old Bruin and a Flemish-style red to be aged in barrels for a wedding next year. The Weird Beard collab God of the Cold White Silence was launched at Sheffield Beer Festival, and is a white stout with cacao, tonka and vanilla. Many people also commented on the huge coconut flavour, however there is no coconut in the brew, the flavour comes purely from the tonka beans and the Styrian Wolf hops. As well as doing the rounds in the autumn, some of the brew is tucked away in a rum barrel and will emerge in time for Sheffield Beer Week in March.

Finally, the big news, after a long hiatus Steel City are finally back brewing under their own license. The first brew at the new home, Lost Industry, was Demons Are Back, a 5% Transatlantic Pale Ale. Flavour comes from Rakau hops in the copper and a liberal dry-hopping with Simcoe. Yet another barrel was pressed into use for another variant, this time a white wine barrel, along with 10kg of grapes, copious grape juice and a kilo of Hallertauer Blanc hops. Following on the My Dying Bride theme from The Blood, The Wine, The Roses, this will be named My Wine In Silence.

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