Real Heritage Pubs book update

Downloads of the Sheffield Pub Heritage Book have exceeded all our predictions: as 2018 dawned, downloads had passed 22,000. There are far more (electronic) copies of this heritage book in existence than the hard copies of any of the previous Pub Heritage books produced by CAMRA.

A poster for the book at the Tourist Information Office

We want to formally thank everyone who has assisted in publicity: social media comments, displaying posters and written mentions. In addition to Beer Matters, the latter include The Bar, What’s Brewing, Now Then and the Sheffield newspapers.

The aim is to produce a second edition to coincide with SCBF44 in October. Research is happening and more photos and text will be included. Suggestions of pubs to include are more than welcome.

Corbels at the Church House
Tennants insignia plasterwork at the Norton

Images are (i) a 1996 architectural drawing of a corbel, a structural piece of stone, wood or metal jutting from a wall to carry a weight and (ii) plasterwork illustrating the insignia of long-lost Sheffield Brewery, Tennants. The pubs concerned are the Church House and the Norton.

Dave Pickersgill


  1. Seen as though 25000 have downloaded it, will there be a paper copy for sale ?? Should think it’d be a very good seller !

  2. Hi Ian, we have been in discussions with a number of people about producing a printed version – any updates on this will appear on the website as soon as we hear anything!

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