Stancill Brewery

A new line of premium beers is currently in development by Stancill Brewery with a unique range of twelve memorable, challenging and unusual brews set to be unveiled during 2018. Named the Brewer’s Range, each beer will explore different brewing styles and characteristics, each one having been developed under the watchful eyes of Jonathan Brown and head brewer Dean Pleasant. A new beer will be unveiled each month under the Brewer’s Range brand and following the success of Stancill’s first canned beer in 2017, the range will become the first to sold directly to the public in cans. The first (unnamed at the time of going to press) beer will be unveiled at the beginning of February, marking a subtle change in direction to Stancill’s beer offering. Managing Director Thomas Gill said: “Over the past few years, Stancill has built a solid reputation for its range of traditionally styled beers – from our award-winning Barnsley Bitter to timeless classics such as our Blond and Porter. The Brewers range is a new assortment of complementing, but very different, beers. “We wanted to give our brewers a completely free hand when it came to developing and trialling the new beers, with a brand new beer planned to be launched every month throughout 2018.” In addition to developing its new Brewer’s Range, Stancill is also planning to make some minor revisions to its core beer range, with an additional special brew adding a new twist to some of its popular beers. Stancill is currently looking for experienced managers and bar staff to support the brewery’s current venues and future growth plans within Sheffield. To find out more about the current opportunities, send your CV and a cover letter to The brewery currently operates four venues within Sheffield, and if you share a passion for real ale and think you’ve got what it takes to build a successful career in the pubs industry, please get in touch.

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