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In February’s Beer Matters, we announced Stancill Brewery was in the midst of producing a new range of premium beers consisting of twelve “memorable, challenging and unusual” brews scheduled for release throughout 2018.

The Full of Dank range is a brand-new range of beers, designed to explore different brewing techniques. The first beer, released in mid-February ,is a full-bodied brown ale. Combining rich, malty flavours including a selection of chocolate malts and Brewer’s Gold hops, Charlie Brown (4.5%) uses a US yeast strain, resulting in a clean, crisp and refreshing taste.

Charlie Brown and the rest of the Full of Dank range will be available in cask and keg variations from all Stancill pubs plus selected pubs around the region. The beers are also available in cans which can be purchased from all Stancill Brewery pubs.

The second beer in the range is also currently in production. This best bitter will feature five different malts, balanced by Styrian Golding and Mittelfruh hops, typically used in lager-style beers.

Thomas Gill, Stancill Brewery Managing Director said:

“We’re thrilled to be able to announce the first beer from the Full of Dank range. We felt the dark US craft ales are something that has been overlooked and we wanted to develop a beer which combined all the hallmarks of a good dark ale, whilst also adding the hoppy characteristics of a typical American beer. The result is a fully flavoured drink featuring a strong body and plenty of taste.”

“Our brewers were keen to explore a number of different beer ranges and techniques which are not currently produced by the brewery and we felt the new range would provide a golden opportunity for each brewer to add their own twist to their favourite styles of beers. The result is a special selection of brews which offer a very different taste experience.”

“We hope everyone will enjoy the first instalment from the range and we look forward to announcing the remaining eleven beers throughout the year in Beer Matters.”

Stancill Brewery is also currently developing a new blonde special (4.1%) which will be released under the Stancill brand. The as-yet-unnamed beer will feature three different hop varieties and will be released at the beginning of March.

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