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Steel City’s Stout Wars launch at the Rutland with Lost Industry and Emperor’s was an epic success, the pub was packed all night, three Imperial Stouts were demolished along with most of the wine-barrel-aged beers. A similar event is planned for May featuring three barrel-aged Imperial Stouts. A single keg of Rogue One will be available at Brewdog  during Sheffield Beer Week.

Dave has already brewed under his own license as many times in 2018 as in 2017, not bad for February! The first brew of the year was a dry hop sour in collaboration with Lost Industry and Neepsend. Named Medusa to fit both Neepsend’s mythology theme and Steel City’s music theme (being the name of a Paradise Lost album, as I’m sure you all knew), it has an ABV of 5.0% and a pH somewhere in the 3s. Citra and Rakau hops were used in both the copper and the fermenter, and combined with the acidity of the beer give a sharp grapefruit tang. Most of it has been released into the wild already, but a couple of hundred litres are currently sitting in a white wine barrel for a few months with some grapes.

The second brew of the year is an ultra-small batch of a Flemish Oud Bruin. Brewed with a selection of Belgian malts and a Flemish yeast, a single keg of unblended Bruin was drawn off before the rest of the batch was blended with a sour blonde.

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