Loxley Brewery

The long-awaited Loxley Brewery, based at the Wisewood Inn on Loxley Road, is now fully operational and the first pints of its beer have been sold. The idea of brewing beer using spring water from a well discovered underneath the pub was conceived last year.  Brewing equipment was eventually delivered to the pub—which was voted our July 2017 Pub of the Month—in January this year, and brewing commenced shortly afterwards. The brewery has also invested in branded casks and pint glasses. There are also plans to sell the spring water separately, as well as using it as the main ingredient in all their beers. Loxley’s first beer, Wisewood One blonde (4.0%), was finally released on 15 March at a special introductory price of £2 per pint. It proved extremely popular, selling several casks in its first evening. A second brew, a New Zealand-hopped pale ale, is also currently in production and should be available in the near future.

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