Bradfield Brewery

Farmers World Cup Ale, a light pale hoppy beer with a kick of fruit, is available throughout June (and into July if the England team make it that far!) in cask and five-litre mini kegs. Here’s hoping the England players have their kicks on form for the World Cup! Sticking with sport and Farmers Wim-Bull-don has had a pump clip facelift to celebrate its 12th year appearance on the brewing schedule. A pale, fruity and refreshing ale, it will flow down nicely with your strawberries and cream, and will be available from 25 June. Work has now started on the revamp of newly acquired King & Miller in Deepcar. We are aiming for a summer opening of what will be a family friendly Bradfield Brewery Tap with a range of Farmers Ales on the bar, in both cask and keg. Jackie

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