Carbrook Hall damaged in arson attack

Carbrook Hall, one of only two Grade II* listed pubs in Sheffield, was recently damaged by an arson attack. Petrol or oil was deliberately thrown through a window causing fire and smoke damage inside the building. At the time of writing, the full extent of damage to the 17th-century Jacobean panelled room was not known.
Boarded-up windows at the Carbrook Hall in the wake of the arson attack. Credit: Sheaf Valley Heritage.
The pub gained Asset of Community Value (ACV) status in early 2017. It was subsequently bought by West Street Leisure from Punch Taverns in February 2017 and has been closed since. West Street Leisure director, Sean Fogg, said: “I am devastated at the damage. The wood panelling and interiors are irreplaceable. We want it restored so that the whole of Sheffield can benefit and appreciate the splendour of the building again.”
Fire damage to the exterior of the pub. Credit: Sheaf Valley Heritage.
Brian Holmshaw, of Sheaf Valley Heritage, who campaigned for the building to become an  ACV, expressed his dismay at the arson attack: “We tried to keep it open as a pub because if you keep buildings like this open the likelihood of this sort of thing happening is far less likely. This is what happens when you board up historic buildings and leave them.” We hope that Carbrook Hall, situated in an up-and-coming area, will soon reopen to the public. In the interim, we believe that Historic England need to send a team in to assess the damage as there are areas inside where the heritage value is enormous. It would also be useful if the owners could clean-up the areas around the pub, thus lessening the likelihood of further arson attacks.
The 17th-century Jacobean panelled room at the Carbrook Hall. Credit: Mick Slaughter.
More information on the heritage aspects of Carbrook Hall is available in the downloadable Sheffield Pub Heritage book: Dave Pickersgill

3 thoughts on “Carbrook Hall damaged in arson attack

  1. The following letter has been sent to the local press:

    Dear Sir

    As we approach Sheffield Heritage Open Days 2018 and after several conversations I have had with Mr Sean Fogg of West Street Leisure the owner of Carbrook Hall it is clear that the concerns flagged up over a period of years and more urgently since this historic public house with its connections with the Bright family and the siege of Sheffield Castle closed its doors are all too real.

    The rumours about fireplaces and panelling being offered for sale from this grade 2 star listed building would appear to be an infringement of planning legislation and I have pointed this out only recently in a telephone message to Mr Fogg.Accordingly the concerns of the Shefield Heritage Community have been raised with Sheffield City Council and Historic England at top level with a view to them urgently taking effective/appropriate action to investigate the situation.

    As for the largely replica but interesting material removed from the building and apparently destined for the skip rumoured to be on sale on the Internet this is a loss to the uniqueness of the interior and also doubly unfortunate as the late John Brown of the Friends of Bishop House had wanted first refusal and Sheffield Museums Trust had offered to store them.The current owner has been made aware of this interest. If they have been removed without consent then this raises issues regarding security and stewardship.

    Mr Fogg and I agree that the long term survival of Carbrook Hall requires a functioning business operating on the premises. In the circumstances this is unlikely to be a public house.

    This is a sorry saga. Sheffield has probably lost a unique opportunity to include the building as part of a city wide heritage trail.

    Nobody listened.

    Ron Clayton

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