Lost Industry Brewing

We’ve had a kinda busy month. We spent a little time representing Sheffield at the Molde Olfestival in Norway, where we served a number of our beers (and local collabs) including: Off Your Coconut (a collab with Brewdog Sheffield), Emmeline (Sheffield Beer Week collab with Hop Hideout, Neepsend and the Devonshire Cat), Dirty Bassett (collab with Heist Craft) and Rad Beets (collab with Shakespeares).

Much beer was enjoyed and a huge amount of pizza was devoured, Norwegians really like pizza!  We came fourth overall in terms of beers sold which wasn’t bad in a festival that included Haandbryggeriet, Nogne, O/O, Lervig and many other incredible brewers.

As a result of all this our stock is a little depleted so we have several upcoming brews.  We brewed a Fruit Tea Braggot with our friend Drew at Boutelliers, 1 Mutual Friend (7.4% mango and bergamot with raw Yorkshire honey).  Zeste de Sariette (6.0% lemon and bay saison) is making a return and we’ve just brewed a Cinnamon Mochaccino Stout (approx. 6.2%).  We’ve also started another batch of Mojito Sour (5.3%) and we’ll be brewing more Shades of Pale (4.6%) and 10 Grain (6% stout), when we have some fermenter space.

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