Stancill Brewery

Stancill’s latest offering is a brand new triple-hopped IPA golden ale. Simply called IPA (6.0%), the beer will be launched under the brewery’s ‘Full of Dank’ range. Featuring a triple hop combination of Mosaic, Galaxy and Simcoe hops, introduced to the brew at different times, the hop characteristics are carefully layered resulting in an aromatic, full-flavoured beer. IPA is a beer designed with summer in mind – the perfect accompaniment to barbeques or simply enjoyed whilst soaking up the summer rays in your nearest beer garden. In an unusual twist on traditional IPAs, Stancill’s Dank IPA is unfined. Not only does this make the beer vegan-friendly, but according to head brewer Dean Pleasant, the removal of finings also allows the subtle hop flavours to develop and mature in the drink: “There’s a long held view amongst many drinkers that a cloudy pint is a bad pint. Clear beer is typically produced by adding agents such as isinglass to the beer. This process can help to improve the clarity of the drink, making it look more appealing, however one of the downsides of this process can be that it removes some of the delicate subtle hop characteristics. We wanted those subtle and delicate flavours to come out in our IPA and I’m really pleased with the end result.” IPA is available in keg and cask, and a limited number of cans have been produced. Meanwhile, Stancill has unveiled a truly patriotic pint to commemorate the latest addition to the Royal Family. Promising to be a drink fit for any prince, King Louis (4.0%) is an easy drinking golden ale. Brewed using Maris Otter malt and summit hops, managing director Thomas Gill decided to name the beer in honour of the newborn prince after realising that the chances of Prince Louis actually succeeding the throne were likely to be slim: “Louis is fifth in line to the throne and so we decided to welcome him into to the world with a new beer named in his honour. King Louis is our second beer to brewed in honour of the next generation of the royal family. Our first, Charlotte, proved to be an instant hit when we first produced it in 2015, but we wanted to revisit the recipe and I’m sure that our latest offering will be every bit as popular as its earlier incarnation.” King Louis is currently available at The Albion (London Road), The Closed Shop (Commonside), Horse & Jockey (Wadsley) and the Norfolk Arms (Grenoside).

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