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Steel City, along with Lost Industry and Emperor’s, presented the second Stout Wars tap takeover on Star Wars Day, this time at the Shakespeare. The beers sold unbelievably fast, with Episode IV: A Tiramisu Hope was gone by 8pm and Episode VI: Return of the Cake was not far behind. We suspect a few people may have suffered the Revenge of the Fifth the next day… OK we’ll stop now.  

An ultra-rare beer to look for in the Rutland is Ancient Rites, a Flemish Oude Bruin (Ancient Rites being a Flemish metal band). Starting out with a complex mix of malts including Special and Abbey, minimal hopping(!) and a Flemish yeast, initially the beer was like a smooth chocolate, but was then blended with a sour blonde to give an even more complex flavour. 

The next brew is a mega-collab involving up to eight breweries, and is a similar concept to Stout Wars in that one mash will be split into several fermenters to have different adjuncts added. The base is a white stout, variants will include inspiration from Crunchie (cacao, honey and cinder toffee) and Old J (cherry spiced rum).

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