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We have been up and running since March; as far as I know we’re Sheffield’s newest and smallest brewery. We brew each batch by hand and currently brew between 50-80 litres per run. We’re planning on upscaling shortly and are on the look out for a 2.5bbl or 5bbl system as we’re getting more orders than we can currently fulfil!

There are only 2 of us working in the brewery at Crosspool, myself and Joe. We’ve been friends for 30 years and thought it would be a good idea to open the brewery after trialling our range as hobby home-brewers. We brew and condition all our beers within our own premises.

We hold quarterly tasting events to showcase the core range and our occasional/seasonal brews. The first one was on June and there will be another one at the end August/early September. Details will be announced on our website: www.drinkhopscotch.co.uk.

We are currently available on the bar at the Springvale Tavern, Commonside and Guzzle Micropub in Woodseats. The beers they serve change but generally rotate through our core range of Pale Ale, IPA, New England IPA, Brown Ale and Stout with the odd seasonal or occasional brew thrown in for special occasions! We’re talking to a few people about supplying bottles but we’re planning on sticking mainly to cask in the short-term. As well as our regular brews for outlets, we also brew to order for events such as weddings and festivals.

Our occasional ones include a Double IPA, a pilsner and a dunkelweiss. We’ve also got some more exciting experiments planned for the next year! All our beer is unfined and with the exception of the IPA (which contains honey) they are all vegan-friendly.

Mark Booth

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  1. I run the royal British legion chapeltown Sheffield can you contact me about the beers like to try thm thanks phone Tom on 07720903331

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