Lost Industry Brewing

How do peeps, warm innit!  Don’t worry, we’ve got a few brews coming up to cool you down. Firstly, to mark the visit of the great ‘orange one’ we have Impeach Me (6.4%) a hazy peach IPA.  I’m sure he’d love it if he wasn’t banned from Sheffield!   We also have a summer refresher in the form of Mojito Pale (5.7%) a lightly soured version of our Mojito Sour.   We’re releasing a very limited run from our barrel aging project: I’ll Give It 6 Months (6.5%) an orange and lemon sour aged for 6 months in whisky barrels, in collaboration with Heist Craft. We also hosted the lovely lads from Bar Stewards and brewed a juicy and hazy New England IPA, yet to be named. We also had a joint brew day at Sentinel Brewing with Heist Craft, Sheffield Brewery and Brew Foundation to brew a charity pale ale, Bangers and Clash of the Tight Uns (approx. 4.5%) in aid of Roundabout.  Finally, we’ve had the Turning Point crew over to brew a Mango & Mint Sour (should be interesting). That pretty much sums it all up.  Keep safe and don’t get sunburnt!

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