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Steel City have had a busy spring, or at least the bits of it for which Dave was in the country. The dry-hopped sour Medusa (5.0%) went down well, and she has now been joined by her two sisters. Euryale has been aged four months in a white wine barrel with grapes, while Stheno was also aged in the wine barrel but was then bretted. Euryale (5.5%) is doing the rounds now while Stheno (5.5%) will be out later in the year. Also on the sour side, a 6.66% Flemish-style Oude Bruin named Danse Macabre (after the Flemish metal band, but you all knew that) is out now.





June saw the ‘Den of Iniquity’ megacollab take place, featuring 9 breweries and 2 pubs. It was an excellent brewday, apart from the brewing! A stuck mash AND a stuck transfer made for a long day, but fun was still had by all, with beer, a barbeque and some cricket – this was possibly the first time the brew process has been delayed because the brewer was batting and wouldn’t go in to sort the brew until he was out (clean-bowled by Dale from Imperial).

The brew is a parti-gyled white stout, the versions being Chocolate & Honeycomb, Rum-Barrel aged Cherry & Vanilla, and a green(!) stout featuring matcha tea. The coalition of chaos was Steel City, Lost Industry, Neepsend, Twisted Angel, James & Kirkman, Mill Valley, Beer Ink, Imperial and Raw plus the Rutland Arms and Shakespeare’s.

At long last some bottling has taken place, so look out for the special Stout Wars 3-packs (two different sets) as well as bottles of Demons Are Back, Medusa, Euryale, My Wine In Silence, The Blood The Wine The Roses, HIBUDDHNZNEIPA and Danse Macabre.

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