Pubs book shortlisted for award

The Sheffield’s Real Heritage Pubs book has been receiving excellent feedback since its release during the 2017 Steel City Beer & Cider Festival, and the positivity has continued with the announcement that editor, our very own Dave Pickersgill, has been shortlisted for the Best Citizen Beer Communicator Award at the British Guild of Beer Writers’ Annual Awards 2018. Reviews of the book have been very positive; Beer Imbiber said it was “well-worth going to the trouble of getting the printed version: kudos to all involved.” Roger Protz described it as a “superb book“, while What’s Brewing wrote: “Welded from love, knowledge and respect for Steel City, it’s no surprise that the first edition of this book has placed its editor Dave Pickersgill on the shortlist of the British Guild of Beer Writers’ 2018 award for Best Citizen Beer Communicator.” The nomination is for the e-book version released last year, which has been downloaded more than 96,000 times to date. There was also, of course, a physical version of the book brought out in October this year with an initial print run of 1,000 copies, and there is set to be a second batch of 250 copies printed in time for Christmas. The British Guild of Beer Writers was founded in 1988 and currently has more than 350 members. Formed to “improve the standards of beer writing and improve the public knowledge of beer and pubs,” members include big names such as Roger Protz, Ray Bailey and Pete Brown. Dave is up against four other writers and editors in his category. The award ceremony takes place in London on Thursday 22 November, so by the time this magazine hits the pubs we will know the winner – keep an eye on our website and social media for further announcements. Congratulations and good luck to Dave! Dominic Nelson

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