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We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and are getting back in the swing of things.  Whether you partook in Dry January or Tryanuary, we’ve got a range of specials this month that are sure to get you excited! 

We starting with an old favourite that we haven’t see in a while, Admiral Keppel (4.3%). This golden English ale is brewed with Admiral hops which brings a pithy bitterness and the delicate aroma of spiced oranges.

Our next special, Nightingale, we have you thinking of Springtime. This IPA is as British as they come and is packed full of herbaceous notes from English Goldings and UK Cascade hops. The balance in this golden brew comes from honey-sweet caramalt and boasts a generous 5.5% ABV.

2019 will see more changes for the brewery, including a brand new range entitled Foraged & Found, which goes hand in hand with our new initiative “Go Green for 2019”. In addition to their 6 core real ales and kegged lager-style beer, “Pivo”, we also brew 3 unique specials each month, designed to offer something different in terms of taste and style and to pick up on developing trends.  This year we have developed a bold new range of specials centred around sustainable production. Each ale within the Foraged & Found range will be brewed with a food by-product from food producers, eateries, and community groups local to the brewery.

The range showcases the brewery’s efforts to have a positive impact on environment and local community, and highlights their commitment to reducing unnecessary waste. A variety of typical beer styles from across the world will be brewed, chosen to enhance and highlight the key flavour notes of the foods utilised.

First up from this new range we introduce Out of the Blue. This experimental 5.8% Stilton porter is brewed with whey from the award-winning Stichelton Dairy.  They produce a world class unpasteurised blue cheese following an original Stilton recipe. The whey is a by-product of generating curds for cheesemaking and it’s full of water, protein and sweet lactose. Using this as a proportion of our brewing water gives this porter a full-bodied, rounded sweetness. If you want to learn more about our innovative new range check out our blog at welbeckabbeybrewery.co.uk/blog.

Jess Low

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