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Spring is in the air! To celebrate we welcome back a fruity beer to our range of ales as Farmers Plum Bitter (4.4%) returns to the brewing schedule once more. This deep rich reddish-coloured beer is smooth on the palate and has tonnes of plums for a fruity finish.

Our mascot, Farmers Blonde Bottle, has a new claim to fame – he only gone and popped up as poster boy for the Sheffield Half Marathon! Sticking with costumes and we are excited to announce that we are supporting elite runner Peter Knight in his Guinness World Record attempt for the fastest marathon dressed as a glass! Peter will be donning a new Bradfield Brewery costume at this year’s London Marathon on 28 April, where he will attempt to beat the current record of 4 hours. As part of his training Peter will be running the Sheffield Half Marathon in the new costume, look out for it and give him a wave!

As much as this kid loves running, he’s doing it for a good cause too! Peter is running for the charity Myaware which is the only charity in the UK dedicated solely to the care and support of people affected by myasthenia.  Myasthenia affects all ages and genders but it is treatable and can be brought under good control with medication, however in some circumstances, it can be fatal. You can support Peter via his JustGiving page:

For further updates and to follow the progress of Peter and the Bradfield Brewery Glass, give us a like on facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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