Bradfield Brewery

So, 14 years ago on 26 April 2005, is when brewing at Bradfield Brewery began! The first beer to be brewed was the Farmers Bitter (3.9%), closely followed by the Farmers Stout (4.5%) and Farmers Pale Ale (5.0%).

The Brewery first produced a ‘special’ beer – Farmers Brown Cow (4.2%) on 12 July 2005, followed by Farmers Blonde (4.0%) the day after. These specials soon became part of the permanent range of ales due to their popularity. Farmers Blonde has gone on to be the brewery’s best seller! By October 2005, output had risen to 100 casks a week and three of the beers, Farmers Brown Cow, Farmers Stout and Farmers Blonde had all won industry awards.

Fourteen years later and the Farmers Ale range is still going strong with the 40bbl brewery producing an average of 100,000 pints of beer per week!

Sticking with our traditional credentials, next up on the seasonal offerings in celebration of St George’s Day is Ye Olde English Ale (4.6%). The badge has seen a facelift but the beer remains a traditional light copper coloured English ale with citrus and spice and dry aftertaste. Available in cask from 8 April.

Next on the table will be Farmers Cruci-Bull Ale, brewed annually for the Snooker World Championship tournament which takes place at the Crucible Theatre from 20 April to 6 May. A session ale at 4.1% ABV, this is an amber coloured best bitter with well-balanced malt and hop flavours. Available in cask from 15 April.


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