Barlow Brewery

Glyn Sanderson founded Barlow Brewery back in January 2010, initially on a rather Heath Robinson esque 2.5 BBL kit, later expanded up to 5BBL. It was located in converted buildings on a working farm in the village of Barlow (the building was previously a cow shed and pig sty!). All the beers brewed at Barlow have received a great reception from drinkers with particular favourites here at Beer Matters being Carnival Ale, 3 Valleys IPA and Anastasia Imperial Russian Stout. Barlow Brewery also hosted a number of beer & music festivals in the farmyard which were enjoyable affairs! When Barlow first started brewing they were the only brewery in S18. Since then Collyfobble has launched in the village with a rather impressive set up whilst over in Unstone the Drone Valley Community Brewery has set up with lower operating costs. Glyn has decided to close and sell Barlow Brewery, partly because he’s had enough of the manual labour and wants to enjoy semi-retirement! Their taphouse pub in Chesterfield will continue to operate as a free house. Meanwhile the new owner of the brewery premises is Ade Cole of Pigeon Fishers who will be locating his gin distillery there and also opening a tap room selling his gin along with craft beer, tea & coffee. Gin production is expected to begin in May with the tap room & shop following in June. Pigeon Fishers ales were being cuckoo brewed at Barlow Brewery and a decision on the future of the beer has yet to be announced.

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